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Fertilizing the grass does more than just make it green. Of course it will make it grow too, but lot's of things happen when you fertilize.Going back to our establishment, fertilizer makes the seed germinate faster, and get started out of the ground. After the grass has a good start fertilizer will make the grass get thicker send off Rhizomes, Stolons or Tillers all making the grass thicker and healthier.

Weed Control

Controlling weeds in a new or existing lawn is vital to the health and overall appearance of the lawn. A beautiful smooth lawn gets most of it's good looks from the fact that it is smooth and level with no weeds sticking up above the turf. You have probably mowed your lawn before only to have dandelions popping up above the grass a day later making it look like you need to mow already. A weed free lawn holds it's good looks for several days if the grass is a monoculture with uniform growing heights.

Proper Mowing

Mowing is the most misunderstood part of lawn care, and the most often incorrectly performed part of lawn care. Far too many people will set their mowers too low or "scalp" the lawn. This leads to thin and dying out grass, shallow root systems, and in the long run, NO GRASS.

Crab Grass

Now is time to put down crab grass control and schedule your lawn care maintenance needs with us pre season discounts availible.


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Seeding a lawn during the “Spring” Season:

Seeding a lawn during the “Spring” Season:

It's true that seeding can be successful any time of year, but spring and summer lawn seeding require a lot more care and water, and weeds and crabgrass cause a lot more competition. It would seem as though spring would be an ideal time to seed the lawn, because spring naturally brings about new growth and green back to the bleak landscapes of the past winter. The truth however is for the best results on your lawns success weather you are Spot Seeding, Over seeding or Lawn Renovation, early Fall is preferred because seed can germinate faster in the warm soil and continue to establish itself through the cooler weather of fall and winter. There's also more natural water in the fall so less sprinkling is needed. Whenever you decide to begin lawn seeding it is important that you use a high quality seed, it does make a difference.


Some of the challenges that can make it more difficult to seed your lawn in the spring are:


  • Since the soil is cooler in the spring germination acts slower than it would during late summer or fall.
  • New grass seeds will be forced to compete with any crabgrass seeds that are trying to grow, if pre-emergent herbicides have been used to combat the crabgrass they will also prevent any new grass seedlings to grow. It should be at least 6 to 8 weeks after pre-emergent herbicides are used before planting and seeding with your new lawn seeds.
  • Extra watering is likely to maintain your new lawns seedlings as the root systems from your grass planted in the spring will not have time to fully develop before the hot and dry months of summer ensue.


Reasons why it is more favorable to seed your lawn in late summer and early fall:


  • The soil is warmer and generates faster and stronger seed germination.
  • All around cooler climate and temperatures mean less stress to the new grass seedlings.
  • Crabgrass is not as much of a threat and the pre-emergent herbicides can be used the following spring safely.
  • The freshly planted grass will have both the winter and spring growing seasons to flourish and get established before the hot and dry summer returns.


Proper after care for your newly planted lawn seedlings is a critical part of the process for a successful healthy lawn, especially if you cannot plant in the ideal seasons and weather. Lawns can thin because of weather or as a result of damage caused by insects or grass diseases. Some badly damaged lawns need to be completely "rebuilt" before regular maintenance can do much good. This should include avoiding any weed control applications until you have mowed the lawn at least 3 to 5 times.  When mowing the new lawn be sure to mow at normal height so that the new seedlings can properly fill in and grow where needed. If it is hot and dry be sure to keep the seed beds moist and well watered so that the seedlings have the proper wetness for ideal germination. Remember that with all of your lawn seeding projects it is a good rule of thumb to use as much seed-to-soil contact as you can which can be achieved by aeration of the ground, raking, and slice seeding you want to make the soil very receptive your new seeds. 


Please contact us if you have further questions. Seeding a lawn during the Spring Season


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