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Fertilizing the grass does more than just make it green. Of course it will make it grow too, but lot's of things happen when you fertilize.Going back to our establishment, fertilizer makes the seed germinate faster, and get started out of the ground. After the grass has a good start fertilizer will make the grass get thicker send off Rhizomes, Stolons or Tillers all making the grass thicker and healthier.

Weed Control

Controlling weeds in a new or existing lawn is vital to the health and overall appearance of the lawn. A beautiful smooth lawn gets most of it's good looks from the fact that it is smooth and level with no weeds sticking up above the turf. You have probably mowed your lawn before only to have dandelions popping up above the grass a day later making it look like you need to mow already. A weed free lawn holds it's good looks for several days if the grass is a monoculture with uniform growing heights.

Proper Mowing

Mowing is the most misunderstood part of lawn care, and the most often incorrectly performed part of lawn care. Far too many people will set their mowers too low or "scalp" the lawn. This leads to thin and dying out grass, shallow root systems, and in the long run, NO GRASS.

Crab Grass

Now is time to put down crab grass control and schedule your lawn care maintenance needs with us pre season discounts availible.


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We offer complete landscape maintenance services, and whether you rely on us for just a few simple tasks or a comprehensive total property program, we'll be happy to help. First, we'll inspect your property and provide a complete written analysis of what we find.

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We are licensed, service residential & commercial properties, insured, uniformed, and references are available upon request. Rest assured we stand behind everything we do.

We know that our customers have a lot of choices in the business marketplace and that is specifically why we strive each and every day to not just remember there's a choice but to maintain an appreciation of that choice by taking the extra step to do the unexpected and make a lasting impression on a job-by-job basis. That is why we succeed.

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